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  1. What is the best way to donate?

    Our preferred method of donation is for you to make a general monetary donation to our fund. It gives us the liberty to purchase the most needed items at that moment. These will be tailored to the needs as prevalent at the time. These needs may change from even day to day and week to week. If you want us to use the money to donate a specific item or items, we can accommodate that very easily if you intimate that to us.
    If you prefer to donate certain items, you could also directly pay the local agents and they will supply the items to the recipients. However, we need to be informed of that so that we can monitor the progress and also list them on the website.

  2. Will our donations be converted to LKR?

    Our account is a USD account and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has permitted us to keep all donations in USD. We are also permitted to pay the Sri Lanka State Pharmaceutical Corporation or an overseas manufacturer/agent for a specific medication/consumable in USD. But if we decide to purchase urgently needed items from the local market, we may convert the amount needed to LKR. 

  3. Who is behind this programme?

    Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians (https://slcp.lk/ ) is the totally responsible organization for this website and the entire operation. Our members are the Consultant Paediatricians, mainly working in Sri Lanka. We have some expatriate Sri Lankan Consultant Paediatricians working abroad as our members too.

  4. Will there be any misappropriation of funds?

    The answer is VERY DEFINITELY ‘NO’. We are a professional organisation and we will guarantee that funds will be utilized in the proper manner to give maximum benefit to the children of Sri Lanka. All operations will be audited by a reputed firm of auditors towards the end of the Financial Year, together with auditing of all financial transactions of the college. We will not take any commissions, processing charges etc., as this is a humanitarian initiative on our part. Every penny and cent donated will be used for the healthcare needs of the children of our land. YOU HAVE OUR TOTAL ASSUARANCE IN THAT REGARD.

  5. What about accountability and transparency?

    We will maintain complete transparency through our website. We will display all donations Therefore, give a specific name to be displayed as it will help you to identify your donation. Please DO NOT use ‘anonymous’, instead use a name that can identify your donation or even a pseudonym is in order if you wish to remain anonymous.
    We will display details of all the purchases through your donations along with the amount spent. 

  6. What is the process once we make the donation?

    If it is a general donation, your funds will be used to order the most critically needed items at that moment through the local agents. We will try to give priority to the drugs and appliances required by the impoverished areas in remote areas of the island.
    If it is a specific donation, we will make every effort to order the same item. However, if we have received the same item through another donor, we might use your donation to purchase another urgently needed item, with your concurrence of course.
    Once the items reach Sri Lanka, they will be delivered to the respective paediatric units. When they are delivered to the respective unit, we will get confirmation from the respective paediatrician. Once this cycle is completed, we will show it on the website so that you will come to know that your donation has reached its destination

  7. Why can’t we donate drugs or consumables purchased in our country of residence?

    We do not encourage it as it has led to so much of wastage and various problems in clearing the items through the customs during Tsunami and COVID. Delays will incur unnecessary expenditure in the form of demurrage etc. The main reason to organize this website and this dedicated initiative is because we have witnessed that wastage. 
    Do not purchase any medical items to be sent to Sri Lanka, unless you are sure that you can comply with the whole process given by the Ministry of Health. We are trying to avoid all this hassle for you by asking you to directly donate through our channel.

  8. Will our donations be used for other purposes?

    We assure you that we will use your hard-earned money only to purchase drugs, consumables and equipment needed to provide better care for the children of Sri Lanka. 

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